We're 716 Designs - a full-service web design studio working exclusively with local and online businesses who understand the impact that their online presence has on their total sales.

What We Do

716 Designs is a strategically driven, design-oriented agency dedicated to the economic growth of local and online businesses. We understand the impact that your online presence has on your bottom line, and offer a variety of services to help you grow.

When You Work With Us, You're Also Getting Access To:

Cyber Security

Regular Updates

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing

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Our Clients

KW Ambassador Marketing

KW Ambassador Marketing is a specialized marketing agency - founded by a Buffalonian - exclusively helping apparel, footwear & fitness companies grow their local and online presence through ambassador marketing programs.


KickFlips is the 716-born weekly email newsletter showing you exactly what sneakers, streetwear, and other profitable items are available for you to flip - all of which you can make a BIG profit on, for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription.

Student Discount

Student Discount is a book and online course created by a Buffalo native who found a way to graduate debt-free at just 19 years old. He is now sharing his secrets of how anyone can do the same and save tens of thousands of dollars on their college degree.

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What We Do

Web Design

It's why you're here and what we're best at. At 716 Designs, we have half a dozen skilled web designers with experience in Wordpress, Wix, SquareSpace and Carrd. Here's what that means: If you want it made, we have the firepower to build it.

Whether you're an artist searching to display your portfolio, a restaurant looking to showcase your menu, or a hairstylist wanting to accept online books, 716 Designs has you covered.

Cyber Security & Hosting

The data, privacy, and security of you and your customers is of our utmost priority. For this reason, every site we design includes a monthly hosting contract which maintains the hosting of your domain, as well as the cyber security of your information. We employ a variety of tactics to encrypt and protect your data, and perform regular internal security audits on every site to maintain our rigorous safety standards.

In addition to cyber security, we will maintain the hosting for your site to ensure the server does not go down, and that your site is functioning as well as possible. 716 Designs not a "set-it-and-forget-it" agency - we are with you every step of the way.

Regular Updates

In addition to cyber security and domain hosting, your monthly hosting contract includes access to regular website updates. Whether you need to change your business hours, update your menu or add another location for customers to see, we've got you covered at no additional cost.

Note: These regular updates are inclusive of website changes considered minor and within the normal scope of business. A complete website redesign or addition of complex features will incur additional costs.

Search Engine Optimization

The biggest hurdle in getting people to visit your website is not having a website. The second biggest hurdle is not showing up on the first page of Google. In our optional service, we use a variety of SEO tools such as backlinks, improved UI/UX, and local directory listings to get your website in front of customers.

Note: Search Engine Optimization is rarely a one-time fix. Due to the competitive landscape of Google search results, it can take several months to get your website to a desired Google ranking.

Social Media Marketing

716 Designs works with a dedicated social media marketing team which has grown companies in the retail, service and restaurant industries. In this optional service, you can get a custom-tailored social media marketing strategy consisting of:

  • Regular social media posts to drive consumer engagement

  • Detailed analytical tracking to follow key metrics and growth

  • A strategic roadmap to capitalizing on your online presence

We will handle 100% of all your social media marketing efforts so that you can focus on what makes you great - your product.

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